The New Phone Booth

The New Phone Booth

It's to smile.

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WHERE is the HA HA HA button when we need it!!!
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Hmmm, yeah, I've been in public restrooms and have heard people on the phone. Something odd about it though lol.
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Sad, but true! I took my mom out to Golden Corral for lunch yesterday and got behind some woman at the buffet talking to someone on her phone while she was filling her plate with food. It's so aggravating!
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It's amazing how in just one generation the pay phone is nearly completely gone. In the late 80's I still used the payphones, when radio stations had free giveaways, I'd stop my car at a gas station, plunk a quarter into the payphone, and win me a pair of tickets. So now I really show my age: used real coins, used a real phone, and listened to a real analog radio station in a gasoline powered car.
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