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Snthroid Delivers - "Part Deux"

Well, got my first order from Synthroid Delivers. 

Everything seems to have went well and been as advertised.

I guess Abbvie supports the program through Eagle Pharmacies in Lakeland Florida.

Got my order.  Shipped FedEx. Order was correct. 

Price was literally 1/2 the price I was paying through CVS Caremark.  $75 instead of $150 copay.

The only thing that could be improved is that their website is a bit wonky.
One issue was that it showed that I had a prescription, but no orders until I hit "automatically renew".

Anyway, if your doctor wants you to take the brand name Synthroid, check it out.

Peace and blessings to all


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Synthroid Delivers

Has anybody heard of a program called "Synthroid Delivers"?

It is supposed to provide name-brand Synthroid at a reduced cost.  My drug plan penalizes me for name-brand.
This program says it will be half what I spend on a 90 day prescription for the name brand.

Got blood drawn today for just about everything plus a urine sample. 
My PSA has been running high among other "we shall see".

Best wishes and blessings to all !



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Did you get this info from:

I'm glad you brought this up, because I've been meaning to look into these programs; it starts really adding up.
I hope someone has a specific answer for you.😉
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My doctor told me about I'm following up. It's half of what I pay.
The MORx thing is interesting. I wasn't aware of it. As far as I know the synthroid delivers is not connected with MORx.
Let you know what I find out.
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Hi Sterling, no I never heard of that but I will google it. I hope you get it. As a thyroid cancer survivor, you should be able to get a break because you have to take brand name. Hope all is well with you and family. Also hope you’re coping well with this crazy weather.😘
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