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As it turns out my "generic" Synthroid seems to be acceptable.  It has the same imprints and manufacturer as the brand name Synthroid. 

Very strange, but even the endocrinologist said "OK".  Probably just as critical is to get the dosage right.  I seem to be doing OK

I have been struggling with my anti-anxiety med.  I was taking Lexapro.  However now the insurance companies won't supply it, no matter what.  They offer the generic Escitalopram.  I thought it was working at first, but doesn't seem like it now.

Has anybody else had experience with the generic Escitalopram vx Lexapro?

I found this website to be invaluable in identifying pills.  They can tell you the drug, the manufacturer, and the dosage.
They have pictures.  Plus, they also have instructions on how to search by the pill markings. 

Here are some additional articles on generics (especially anti-depresants and "psychoactive" drugs  

Hope everybody is well. Wishing you peace, health, and happiness.

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Good info, thanks for sharing! I wish you good health in the New Year!
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Sorry, no experience with these drugs. Thank you for your info!
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Yes, I take the off label Lexapro, 20 mg. But I started only a year ago so I never did take name brand. For me, it worked. My anxiety was such that I didn't know I had anxiety. I was on overdrive, walking fast, knocking stuff over, opening cupboard doors and whacking my face because I didn't duck quick enough....had I taken name brand then off label, I may have noticed a difference. They should try another rx for you. How are you sleeping now? And did they check you for any autoimmune disorders? A lot of those make you react to Rx's differently than other people, especially antibiotics. Autoimmunes also interfere with sleeping soundly. I don't want to alarm you, but there are different degrees of severity. Like my SLE for instance, started out severe. Now at our age, it s burning itself out. Sterling, how are your PARATHYROIDS? Those teensy things could wreck havoc!
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I take the lexapro generic escitalopram and it works for me. But I will say that every time I have the Rx refilled the pills look different, so perhaps the various manufacturers of the generics have differing standards of quality control. Also, for me it took about two months to really feel that I was being helped by the drug. Good luck to you, Sterling - and have a wonderful holiday - and a healthy new year! 🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄🎄
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Two articles on Synthroid/Levothyroxine

Here are two articles that I ran across while doing some searching.

This first one is very good, with good general information and a lot of common sense advice

Brand Name vs. Generic Levothyroxine: What is the Difference?

This next one explains why a lot of endocrinologists specify brand name Levothyroxine:

Branded Levothyroxine Bests Generic for Hypothyroidism

My endocrinologist is not going to be happy that his nurse called in the generic...but I'll try it.  I see him in about 3 weeks.


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Helen Marshall threw a punch at your cancer.
Pen sent you a hug.
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I didn't read the above yet, but I will after this post. I think you mentioned the dose has to be right on, and you're absolutely right. A pharmacist once told me that with generics there's a chance the dosage may be off by a couple of mgs. So cutting them, I would think, is not best. I cut a blood pressure pill, I take half a 25 mg of Toprol (down from 200 mgs daily 10 years ago- yay!!). But I was told that cutting those is no big deal. Thanks for article. I'm always feeling the front of my neck since HNC radiation puts you at risk for thyroid ca.
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I've had poor experience with Levothyroxine. When lived NY, had no problem with it, moved to Florida and had to switch to Synthroid after having 3 severe episodes that sent me to ER.
After researching, believe it's the..Filler they use that causes the problem. Pharmacist told me if I could find out what they used in NY they could help me. That convinced me to switch to the non generic Synthroid Only. Costs somewhat more, but no more episodes!
You are not alone Cheryl!
I think that's why a lot of Doctors stick with the Synthroid brand, because there is so much variation in the others.
Check out my previous post:
Do you take Synthroid
See the section about "HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR PILLS".
You can probably figure out the type/manufacturer using that.

You have to be'd think a drug is a drug.
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