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I'm alright Marcia

I'm doing OK.  I am able to work from home as needed.

We will get through this.  As Churchill said "When you're going through hell, KEEP ON GOING"

There is precedence for the isolation:

St. Louis saw the 1918 Flu epidemic coming 

And now for a musical interlude:

I'm alright   

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part   

Don't Stand So Close To Me  

I Don't Need No Doctor  


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Traveling Willoughby's; Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers; Sting; and Steve Marriott? But not with Small Faces....Rush? I'm glad to hear you're ok. It's so great that because of computers people get to work from home. St. Louis was always ahead of its time. Coincidentally I read a book, library book on Spanish Influenza, last summer, just because, no other reason. And who woulda thought?🙏🏻👍🏻
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Glad you are doing well!
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Good News

I had an ultrasound of my neck and saw my oncologist.

All news is good.  Ultrasound showed nothing and although my TSH was high, my Thyroglobulin was low.   So, no immediate concern.

All that's left is to see if I can get another blood test and prove that the last result was an error. 

I have a very nice Oncologist who eased my concerns.

He said probably 1 in 500 people with Pappilary thyroid cancer have serious recurrence.

I still think it's interesting that most who get Pappilary thyroid cancer are women and young.  In part that's why they were concerned when they discoverd mine.

Blessings to all


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That's great! Congratulations!
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That's great news Sterling. i know you've been experiencing some things of concern for a while now so it's good to know it's not recurrence 👍🏻. Be able to enjoy that turkey day dinner now. It's unreal how much the thyroid gland controls our body! And yes, about young'ish women, but I've known a few men too. Thanks for letting us know how your appt went, it's encouraging to hear good news. 😘
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Sounds like good news! My husband just had a thyroid biopsy on a nodule that has been monitored for a few years. Luckily, it was benign. Here's hoping that both you and him continue to stay in the clear!

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Be sure to follow up!
Best to you!
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Yes, he will continue to be monitored. Thx!
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So, Sterling, you are now a young woman. Enjoy your new life LOL
Congrats on good news.
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Thanks for the smile!
Not sure I got being a man down yet :)
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