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Saw the surgeon who took off the strips and shared the pathology report. Good news: No evidence of any involvement outside of the nodules. They did find some *very* small nodules (around 1mm) on the left side. They took some blood today...looking for my TSH level. Surgeon called back and said my level is 40...don't most people live around 1 ("normal" range something like 0.6-4.0)? That means my pituitary is screaming for thyroid hormone...and I'm ready for Radioactive Iodine (RAI) ablation. So I see the Oncologist on Monday...and he is supposed to make the final call. Probably start the day after Thanksgiving (if given a choice). So, it's all good. Thank God. Still foggy and the surgeon said "don't make any decisions while you are hypothyroid". When I went to get blood drawn I had to stop and think about 30 seconds to remember the name of the doctor whose office I had just left. If I didn't know better I would think my next urge would be to crave some brownies. I should know more later Monday. BTW, I breathe better at night even though the biggest nodule was 2cm. An unexpected benefit.
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Oh yeah, when I was in the surgeon's waiting room everyone in there had an identical incision with the strips. One gentleman told me he thought his nodule was 9 cm.... yow! Not sure if that's possible. He was big but holy smokes. Anyway, I felt like I was in a club.

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