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Things happened rather quickly on Monday (19th). I went to the Oncologist, and he said that if my blood level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone was right, I could start the radioactive iodine treatment. My wife and I decided to just "get on with it" so they drew blood. I went home, but they called me back and gave me the pill. The sign on the door had radiation symbols on it. I had to sign *two* sets of paperwork acknowledging the precautions and dangers involved. It was like a scene out of *24*. There was a Geiger counter and metal cask. The tech unscrewed the top off of the cask to reveal a little glass vial with a gray gelcap in it. My heart was beating fast, but I threw it down. They scanned me with the Geiger counter to make sure it went down, then they gave me a little card in case I was stopped by the police! I live about 20-25 minutes from the hospital. So I drove myself (which being hypothyroid, I was a bit reluctant to do). Maybe it was my imagination, but before I got home I noticed a distinct metallic taste in my mouth. They gave me meds for nausea, but really didn't need them. Yes, my tummy is not a happy camper, but I think that's from the Low Iodine Diet and hypothyroid state. Being hypo is *really* getting old. My TSH apparently fell pretty quickly, and I could tell. The Oncologist also gave me Pilocarpine...which is supposed to stimulate my salivary glands. Kind of makes me feel feverish and sweaty. As long as it doesn't make me nauseous I'm taking it. I increased my fluids...but being a man of my age, that means I'll be getting exercise traveling to the bathroom. I need to stay isolated for a week. The good news is that I can start thyroid hormone replacement in two days. I'm hoping that will help me feel a bit better. Oncologist said that my age(upper 50's)..my gender (male) and the size and number of goiters/nodules indicated a risk. Funny that the Endocrinologist didn't recognize that this was why I was concerned. Oncologist didn't seem overly concerned, just indicated that I really need the RAI and they want to follow up. Anyway, I guess I can still have some turkey for Thanksgiving. Scan on 28 Nov. I feel like I am in good hands and trust in God as always. Sign
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Hi Sterling. . . I hope that they also advised that you either suck on lemon wedges or lemon candy - to help keep the saliva flowing... you want to do this for as long as you can stand to! I did the lemon wedges for four days - lemon and other sour candy at night and then replaced the wedges with candy after the four days. You want to do everything you can NOT to allow the saliva glands to swell and get scar tissue - trust me it's a daily reminder for me! Hope your week of isolation passes fast, come back and visit as you feel up to it. -Kathy
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