Good news - at last

For those of you who like to skip right to the good news... Had "post high dose scan" on 11/28/2012. That was a bit freaky... the surface was an inch away from my nose... or so it seemed. Had to reach for the happy place. Just heard back from the Oncologist's office yesterday (11/30/2012). The only activity they saw was in my throat by my surgery site. This is to be expected, so it looks like the Radioactive Iodine treatment was effective ... and there didn't seem to be any activity outside the area which means the thyroid cancer cells didn't spread. Rinse and repeat in a year. Only down side is that I'll have to go hypothyroid for a few days....then take another I-131 pill (lower dose). It was described as a week long process. Get thyrogen injection on two successive days. Then wait and take a low dose of I-131 and get a scan later in the week. So, that's about as good as it gets for now. I swallowed the magic pill on 11/19 ....and let's just say I'm glad that week is behind me. Mostly stomach issues. Can't complain as I'm sure this is really not as bad as many folks have it. I did have some better days than others. I had to stay away from everybody. Apparently I was given 150 millicuries of I-131. I think that is on the high side. Somehow I managed to get a cold. I assume that being low and stressed probably made me susceptible. I have started on the Thyroid hormone, and am improving. Realize that it's going to take a while to know how well it's all working. Trying to get used to the hormone...and figure out how I feel, in light of all the recent events. After a cornucopia of surgeries, drugs, radiation, and the cold, I'm just trying to let things settle out. Since I have a desk job, I will probably go to work on Monday.
Dakota sent you a hug.
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So happy to read your update and that you are going back to work. You have the hard part behind you, as time passes you should start feeling better with regard to more energy and less naps. For the next several months keep attuned to extremely good dental hygiene. This is important because saliva gland issues can occur months after RAI treatment and you want to keep on top of this as much as possible, making sure that you drink lots of water. If you start noticing any pain around your jaws or that your mouth is abnormally dry there is a medication that you can take, or use any of the dry mouth products available at the drug store. Keep us posted. -Kathy
So happy for your good news!!
Great news. Mac
Thanks everybody! It ain't exactly over. The oncologist said that with my age, gender, and size of nodules, that they will want to follow me for 10 years. I appreciate the tips too... this is a journey.
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No energy.

Learning to be patient.

Mostly hypothyroid type symptoms.


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