I had a sleepless night last night. Of course I was beat today. I guess silly me, I thought I'd feel like Godzilla once I started synthroid. As I laid in bed this brought to mind some questions. How does everyone take their synthroid? In the morning 1/2 to 1 hour before eating? I usually make a trip to the bathroom sometime in the night and take it then. At least that's my current schedule. I am better...but could be that I'm still a little "off" from the surgeries, RAI, and getting back to work. How do you know if your dosage isn't right? I guess maybe I'm a bit OCD... so I tend to dwell at times on things. What are the signs that you have experienced when your dosage needed to be adjusted? I guess I am vaguely familiar with some of the symptoms from some articles, but was wondering what you veterans experienced. Thanks... Sterling
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I don't know anything about synthroid, but I hope you get better sleep tonight.
Good Morning. . . sorry to hear about your sleepless night - I had many of those. Regarding your Synthroid - or any thyroid replacement medicine. . . Take it at least one hour before any food or drink, other than water. Make sure to drink a full glass of water with it - so that you get it into your stomach for it to be fully absorbed. Then - most important, do NOT take any other vitamins or supplements that contain calcium for at least four hours after you take your Synthroid. Calcium will have a counter effect to your thyroid med and make it so it doesn't work. All thyroid meds have a cumulative effect. Your body gets used to the dose and maintains that function provided you take the same does around the same time each day. I take Armour which does not come in the same range of doses. So when my Endo needed to cut back the amount instead of giving me a lower dose pill I took the same dose but only 6 days a week instead of 7. That raised my TSH but not enough, so now I take a lower dose but 7 days a week, I've been on this for almost 90 days - I go next week to have my blood work done again. If you go back and read my posts you will see that I started on Synthroid and then convinced my Endo to switch me to Armour. Armour has both T3 & T4 replacement, Synthroid is strictly T4. Most people can produce their own T3 with only a T4 replacement, I cannot which is why I take the different med. You can read on the different symptoms between being hypo-thyroid and being hyper-thyroid. You may still be experiencing hypo symptoms since you are still new to Synthroid, Your doctor should have you come back in to check levels within 90 days or so. I know I went every 3 months for the first year - and had my dose tweaked each time. On another note - I take Tylenol PM every night. For about 18 months I took prescription pain med and Benedryl - which allowed me to sleep all night and stay pain free much of the next day, but then I switched it out for the Tylenol PM. You might taking Benedryl or another of the over the counter, not habit forming sleep aids to see if it will help - getting good rest will also help your recovery time. Have a great day, -Kathy
My daughter takes synthroid,she is diabetic,when her synthroid is off it makes her feel really bad,I know she has an appointment tomorrow with the endocronoligst to have it adjusted.Hugs to you for some sleep ((())))
Thanks all! Sometimes when I don't feel right... I wonder: Is this my body still recovering or is this a sign that the meds are off...or what. I am supposed to see my endocrinologist on the 18th. Although I am better than I was without the synthroid, I still am dragging by the end of the day. I should be a bit more patient, I've only been taking it for two weeks now... and not even three weeks from RAI. Thanks for advice, and the wishes!
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