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A couple of months *prior* to surgery my levels were Name Value Reference Range TSH 1.15 0.34 - 5.60 uIU/mL TT3 0.89 0.62 - 1.62 ng/mL FT4 0.96 0.62 - 1.58 ng/dL Last week I just got back my *latest* results: Name Value Reference Range TSH 9.66 0.34 - 5.60 uIU/mL TT3 0.86 0.62 - 1.62 ng/mL FT4 1.08 0.62 - 1.58 ng/dL Of course the endocrinologist says the TSH is too high and wants to up the dosage of Synthroid. The levels of T4 and T3 don't seem that far from where they were. I guess I do feel a little sluggish, but nowhere like I was when I was without a thyroid. My questions are: How sensitive is your body to Synthroid/Levothyroxine... i.e. does it take much of a change to move the levels, and does it take a while to see results? Once you get "right", does your prescription tend to change? Dosages are 25, 50, 75, 88, 100, 112, 125, 137, 150, 175, 200, and 300 mcg. Right now they gave me a combination of two dosages (112 & 50...just based on my weight... 1.7 mcg/Kg weight/day). Do most people take the closest standard one-pill dosage... or do some take the combinations? That weight formula works out to 0.772727 * weight in pounds Anyway, not quite sure how I should feel anymore.
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Hi Sterling, I started off at a lower dose when I was first DX in 2006- then gradually got up to like 300mcg/day- but now I am at 225 a day which involves a 300 pill 5 days a week plus 1/4 of that same pill on Saturday. Lots of endos from my experience will try to make your pill taking as simple as possible depending on the dose you require so you won't have to fiddle with 2 separate doses of Levothyroxine... As to how sensitive your body is to change it really depends on each person :( but there might be 2-3 weeks before you notice any change since it does take awhile. To further illustrate the slow effect- I've been told many times if you miss a day or two- make it up the next day- it's not like other RX
Thanks Grace!...that was helpful. At my age and with my medical history, sometimes it's hard to know how I should feel...what is just part of getting old? ...What is just part of being human...and now ...what is due to this hormone thing? It's just new and eventually I'll figure it out. Generally I feel good. Doc just increased my Synthroid...Doc said I was low (TSH high). I think I definitely know the "Hypo" feeling ...but not quite sure about "hyper" symptoms.... I have seen some general descriptions. Somebody else told me weight loss for hyper...or gain for hypo. I got my share of hypo after they took my thyroid I am kind of aware of how that feels.

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