TSH went up?

What a long strange trip...

Had a blood test at the end of January...TSH was 1.3 ...heading in the right direction.  Had a blood test at the end of February and my TSH was 1.9...go figure.

All the while my endocrinologist has been increasing my Synthroid.  I'm up to 225 mcg now.  Starting dose was 162 based on my weight of 210 lbs.

Endo says his target is to be around 0.5 on TSH (because of the cancer ).


My observations are:

1) Synthroid definitely has a shelf life.  I had a bunch of samples that I've been using to meet the steady changes .... 162 ... 175 ... 187 ... 200 ... now  225.   I started to feel a bit hypo...and looked at the box's expiration date...which was March 2013.

2) I felt better before this last increase (energy wise).  Wouldn't you think more Synthroid would mean more energy?  I feel pretty good in the morning...but energy level dies off as the day goes on.

3) I usually wake up during the night, and take my Synthroid.  What I have noticed is that I sleep pretty good for the first 2-4 hours, then increasingly restless until I take my Synthroid.  Then it seems as if my body reacts to the Synthroid, and I calm down and can sleep another hour or two.  Or... Is that my imagination?

Finally warming up here.  Just two weeks ago we got 12" of snow.  Now it was 79° today and trees and plants are starting to explode.

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Hello. If you go back and read through my posts you will learn that I did not have good results with Synthroid. In my case my blood work showed that I was hyper-thyroid - but my body was screaming that I was hypo. My endo kept reducing my amount of Synthroid so that the paper version of me would show that the "numbers" were within a "normal" range, he did not listen to what I told him my body was saying. Then I found this list - http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/long-and-pathetic/ I sat down and made a list of my symptoms before my thyroid cancer diagnosis; a list of symptoms shortly after my surgery when I was taking Cytomel (T3 Replacement) and then the symptoms after treatment and months on Synthroid. I sat a read to him that list - I made him listen to ME - not reading any blood work results - and then I asked if it was possible that I was not producing my own T3 and would he prescribe Armour Thyroid for me instead of Synthroid - and he did. While it still took some tweaking of the dose - he is now happy because my blood work results are stable and within the "normal" ranges for a person post thyroid cancer. I am happy because I no longer suffer endless symptoms of being hypo, mainly I have a good energy level (no need for naps) and I sleep pretty well at night. Synthroid only gives you T4 hormone replacement; with the idea that your body will produce its own T3. Amour Thyroid is a natural product - derived from pigs and it has both T4 and T3 hormones. It might be to your advantage to do some reading and then go talk to your doctor about this. Good luck, -Kathy
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Thanks Kathy. I guess I need to keep track of my symptoms...and go in prepared. Thanks for the link too.
You're welcome - and yes tracking really does help. Once you start reading you realize that you are not crazy - that this is real and there is something that can be done about it.
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No energy.

Learning to be patient.

Mostly hypothyroid type symptoms.


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