Labor Day update

The endocrinologist had me on a pretty hefty dosage of synthroid (225 mcg... why don't they use standard scientific terminology and say µg ?).   The dosage was because I was an older man when I was diagnosed.

The most immediate indication is bowel movements... more and more frequent.   Then there's the heart pounding and flushing.  Compounding all that, when I try to do anything ...and I start sweating...I start sweating profusely and uncontrollably. 

So I asked to go down to 200 mcg.  Symptoms still there a bit, but reduced and bearable.

Believe it or not, I seem to have more energy.  You'd think "Oh, jacked up on synthroid you must be pretty energetic".   However, I was actually fatigued most of the time.  I slept more but felt less energetic.  Go figure.  I suspect the heart racing etc just drains you.

I probably can't tell the difference in TSH to a tenth...but I can tell probably to 0.5 down here. 

So I'll go to my endocrinologist at the end of October ...then get my one-year scan in November.

Sorry about the TMI, but that's why I came to this site in the first hear real information.

I pray for everyone with cancer. 

Mary threw a punch at your cancer.
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Praying for a clean scan. Take care.

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November 12, 2012


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Thyroid Cancer

October 31, 2012

Stage 1



No energy.

Learning to be patient.

Mostly hypothyroid type symptoms.


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