Thank you heavenly father: Clean Scan @ 1 Year

Had a scan on 08 Nov....of course the week started off with the thyrogen shots....followed by an I-131 chaser ....then I had to be cleaned out..then the scan.  Even though the I-131 was supposed to be 1/30 of the amount that I was treated with a year ago, they still brought it out in the metal cask.  When I reached for the water, the technician put it back in the metal cask for those few seconds.

Anyway the thyroglobulin (blood test) as well as the scan were negative.

I had just been to see my endocrinologist and my TSH was 0.47 a week before the Thyrogen shots started.  I can't tell my TSH level to the decimal point, but I can feel when it is on the upswing or downswing... I'm taking 200 mcg of Synthroid and for me that seems to be kind of a tolerable point.  At 225 for very long and a lot of the undesirable effects come into play.  However, at 200, I am on the more "tolerable" side..and could probably take a little more.  Judging by the way I have been feeling, my level fluctuates a's not "rock solid"

I guess even as good as everything looks, you can never quite declare victory.  However, the next full scan will be in 4 years.   The oncologist said that I would just have to do the blood work for the next three years...and probably get an ultrasound in two years.  I'll take this.

I didn't have any lymph node involvement...or if I did, the I-131 took care of whatever was left after surgery.

I am very thankful.   I pray for everyone here who is fighting their own battles.

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I have a separate endo and oncologist...that seems to work well for me....and I get feedback from both. So my endocrinologist just checks thyroid levels and how I'm feeling ...and he usually runs other tests on my blood (blood count, liver, etc). After my surgeries, they let me go hypo (without meds) for a couple of weeks, then I got a high dosage I-131 and had to stay on a low iodine diet. They did a test for thyroglobulin & antibodies (probably can google up a better explanation of what they tell the docs). Then I went for a scan about a week later. I'm not sure exactly what kind of a machine it is...but it's like an MRI machine. There is a flat plate that starts at your head and moves sloooooooooowly down your body. They use that to detect any sites in your body that have "uptake" of I-131...the only tissue in your body that will absorb Iodine is your thyroid...and thyroid cells...cancerous or not. Ultrasound is used to detect that is what the doctors use to make sure there is nothing large enough to see. The two tests do different things. So they only to the big (expensive) scan after you're had detect uptake. The docs can cause your TSH to spike with Thyrogen injections, and then they can check your blood for Thyroglobulin & antibodies. These are "markers" for thyroid cancer. I get the feeling that because thyroid cancer (papillary) is slow growing and hard to detect small growths...that they keep scanning you for years.

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