I'm going to ramble a bit about genetics.

I think genetics is fascinating....I had biology in high school, and the genetics stuff was most interesting.  If you haven't seen Gattaca, you should.  Wow, what seemed a bit futuristic, is coming to pass.   I saw a 60 minutes segment on genetic's here.

If you think this subject is complicated....the ethics and morality of it is even more complex.  How will this technology be will it be will it be it everyone's right?  how confident are we in the technology?...what if it goes wrong? 

What happens when people go beyond eliminating flaws, but start selecting and manipulating traits?

Could there be discrimination against those with flawed genetics?  What would the world miss if genetic flaws (and randomness) was eliminated?

People are upset about GMO foods.  What about genetically modified people?

Hey baby, let me get some of your DNA.

Here's my personal genetics story related to my Thyroid cancer.  They biopsied my "nodules".  The pathology report was inconclusive, but highly suspicious to me because of all of the cellular anolmalies they noted.  My endocrinologist sent it off to Assuragen, which performed a genetic test.   That came back negative, but I decided to get the half of my thyroid removed with the nodules.  One factor was that my two sisters both had their Thyroids removed for cancer.

Surprise!...pathology was positive for cancer, even though the endo said > 90% sure it wasn't.  Later my oncologist gave me a sly smile and said the genetic forms of thyroid cancer can be detected via simple blood tests.  I guess there's always the chance that the biopsy missed the mark a bit...even though it seemed like they stuck the needle in far enough to hit China.  They were using ultrasound when they did they should have been on target.

So while genetics holds great promise, it's not a silver bullet, at least not yet.

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Very interesting, Sterling. Thanks for posting your personal experience on the limitations of genetic testing. It's a bit of a surprise to me, what with all the news about genetic testing, and all the bio-tech companies that are popping up to perform it.
Have a great Thanksgiving! XOXO Sue
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