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Had my Thyrogen injections last week and AntiThyroglobulin Antibody blood test at the end of last week.  Saw the Oncologist today for results. 

Very nice guy.  He talked to me for quite a while.  He said they want to follow up on me for 10 years...due to my age and gender.  This is year two...although it seems longer.  My ATA test was negative.  He said next year they'll just do an ATA test without thyrogen...then do an ultrasound (I'm assuming of my neck area), and biopsy if required.  Year 4 will be a ATA test with Thyrogen.  Year 5 will be a scan with I-131.

I feel like my doctors have done the right things for me ...except maybe my PCP (hope I don't really get sick... my "nodules" were only found after I went on my own to an endocrinologist).  I think it has worked well that I have an endocrinologist, a separate good surgeon, and a separate oncologist.  

I commented on how skilled the surgeon was.   I think this is all she does.  The surgeon actually went in through a 40 year old tracheotomy scar (twice) to get my thyroid out.  I was amazed at how she got it out through there.  The oncologist agreed that the surgeon was good.  I remember going back for my post op check and seeing a room with several people with gauze on their necks.

I asked the oncologist about my cancer in general...he said women get it 2:1, and that regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, that when you are over 45 they get a bit concerned.   I asked him if Thyroid cancer was his specialty and he said "No, but I've seen 6 thyroid cancer patients today".

So thank you heavenly father.  Your hand is always on me. 

I pray for all the brave people fighting much harder battles than me.


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Thanks for sharing... It helps
Negating ATA = Awesome!
Good going, Sterling, and it's great that you've lined up a team.
Zowee... just saw the bill $4,681.40 for *each* thyrogen injection.
)&^%$## blood sucking drug companies.
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