When do you take your Synthroid/Levothyroxine?

Thought I would post an update...and ask a question.

I am well.  My TSH was down to 0.38.  My last scan was in November and that was clear.  However, I will have a scan this coming November, which is rolling around already.  I think this year I should just get a blood test and ultrasound...and go back to the RAI uptake scan next year.

While I am getting used to riding the synthroid dragon, it is not very pleasant in the summer time.  The sweating, heart palpitations are much less when the temperature is lower.  Seems like I sweat a whole lot easier these days than I used to. 

I think my only real health issues these days are related to aging.  They did say that I have (suddenly in my mind) developed a heart anomaly (Right Bundle Branch Block).  I think the synthroid has something to do with it...but it could be just getting old....naaahhhh.

The voice.   My voice was for the most part unaffected (by multiple surgeries).  I think I had a pretty good surgeon.  These days my voice is a bit on the raspy side, and it's not as strong as it used to be.  If I try to sing or really increase my volume, it feels like there is an unnatural vibration there..... like the thyroid structure that was supporting or dampening the vibration is gone.  Like a pipe  or stud that is too long without support and waivers or vibrates.  The world is not missing me singing....believe me.

I was at a wedding and trying to talk over the band.  I could only do that in spurts.

Anyway, I was wondering when people take their Synthroid.... 

I usually wake up a few times in the night and take it a couple hours before I have to get up.  

Synthroid effectiveness (that I can feel) seems to vary a bit.  There are times...particularly in the winter when I feel a little low… and times...particularly in the summer when I wish I was on a lower dose.  Not sure if anybody else feels that way.

My endocrinologist, and several others seem to really frown on "natural" or Armour thyroid.

Valerie sent you a prayer.
Valerie, Carmen sent you a hug.
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Hi Sterling! Levothyroxine, 1/2 hour before coffee and whatever it is I have for breakfast. I take 50 micrograins daily. See endo guy twice yearly, have tsh levels checked via b/w every 3 months.
Hi Sterling! I take my Synthroid when I get up...usually around 7-7:30am. I then wait an hour before I eat/drink anything. I'm not quite a year out from my surgery, so my endo is still making adjustments. And I know what you mean regarding the heat...I'm not sure though if it is menopausal (which I thought was done) or a combo of the two. In any case, the heat is driving me crazy.
Friend Karen takes Armour thyroid but she did not have cancer. I am glad you are well. Also, cousin's cousin had thyroid ca about 2p yrs ago, and he has raspy voice too. But, it actually sounds nice. I bet yours does too.
I take .75 in the morning just like Marcia..I get feeling heat waves and was wondering if I was going back menopausal.(same thing Lisa said).. ever since cancer nothing is the same and it all is a lot to keep up on..whatever is bothering me the most gets the most attention.. this week its my teeth:).. I will pray for you Sterling hugs and love Sabina
I also wake up in the early morning, take it And go back to sleep (I Keep it by my night table). My doc is also against Armour thyroid. I forgot to ask her why last time. I now have multiple nodules & I feel like there is something stuck in my throat. Waiting to see what the endocrinologist has to say next week.
Hi Sterling, I take Synthroid an hour before I put anything else in my mouth.I had labs last week; TSH was 2.0; Tg was undetectable (
About 5:30 am, as soon as I wake up. I make sure to take it ASAP because I do t want to wait on my coffee!
137mcg...last night was the first time in a long time that I felt like I couldn't settle or calm down...even at 11:30 at night. Usually I am exhausted by 7:30. I thought it was heat related and didn't even consider thyroid...
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