Cancerversary scan

So every fall now I can look forward to some kind of scan.  My oncologist has a routine ... he cycles through various tests and then starts the cycle over.  So this year I just had an ultrasound and a thyroglobulin marker blood test.  Scan was clean.  I know that in the scheme of things, my cancer was not aggressive and they seemed to have caught it soon enough.  I guess a little hypochondria can be healthy.

So next year, it's just a blood test...but the following year it's back to the full Monty with Thyrogen shots, I-131 and a full body scan a bonus laxative! 

I've been very busy...still working ... and it seems like even though my house is in decent shape, it always needs some repair.

Anyway, I'm very fortunate and thankful.    Thanks to all of you for your support.

Peace to all of you and best wishes for the holidays.

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A bonus laxative! That sounds like an anal cancer treatment benefit as well!

You seem very upbeat, hope you stay that way...
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Hi Sterling! It's so good to hear from you..Happy to hear all is well . I know what you mean, I am always busy with something at the house. I pray you have a blessed Thanksgiving, and one of my blessings, is knowing you my friend:) Happy Thanksgiving Sterling.. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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I've said it before, but you're a bright light. I pray that your light always shines. God has blessed me already.
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