Lessons learned

Maybe it's hubris to think that I can offer advice, or that things I learned are relevant.

Number 1:  Everyone on this site would probably agree that "you need to be your own advocate".

Learn all you can about your disease.  Learn all you can about the treatments and medications that you take.  Your questions can help guide a doctor.

You need to be honest with your doctor.  If you are secretly self-medicating or covering some bad behavior, you are blinding them.

Doctors are not infallible.  As the old joke goes:  "Do you know what they call the guy who graduated last in his medical school class? .....Doctor".    Some Doctors are good, but lack communication skills.  I've been fortunate to find good ones when I needed them.

Keep in mind that doctors are technicians.  Mostly, they are slaves to their training and the available technology.

Thus the old adage "to a carpenter, every problem can be fixed with a hammer".  

Another:   If you ask 5 <insert occupation here> how to fix a problem, you will get 5 different answers.

You need a specialist for many issues.  However, you need doctors who look a the "whole you".  That understand that people are not identical...drugs are not without side effects...problems cannot always be fixed in a 5 minute exam.

My wife has diabetes.  One of the medicines that she was taking suddenly started to affect her.  She was under care of a GP....worthless...they look in the PDR without any more understanding than you or I.  She went to a gastroenterologist.  He couldn't find anything wrong either....finally she went to a real endocrinologist who understood what was going on. 

Finally, I want to thank my parents and teachers for all the advice they gave me.  
I apologize for being too foolish to listen to 100% of it.

..and for all of you, remember that life is a marathon, not a sprint.  "Keep on keepin on"

Never Give Up

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Love the cartoon! Thanks for your post...hope you are staying warm.
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PS...not hubris! We have all learned on this journey and each of us has different lessons to share...
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That is the truth! Sterling we all are experts on how we are feeling and what works best for us... It is true kindness to pass it on and try to help others with what works for us and may work for others. I have recently talked with someone who has cancer and really has no idea whats next and is so arrogant .. and I myself fear they are in for some real hard knocks... When I look back and see how hard it was to fight for my life, I know it takes 100 per cent of your will , to live through this. The wrong attitude and your dead. What bothers me is when you tell someone and they keep on with their stubbornness and allow this cancer to beat them... Sometimes by the time they get it , the time has passed to beat it and it's game over..I wish they find a cure already.. what's it going to take.. I pray this new year finds a cure... imagine that.. what a happy day that will be.. I ask that in Jesus name , God Bless you Sterling and Happy New Year my friend .. hugs and love and always prayers Sabina
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Great post Sterling! Brought a tear to my eye. Hope Carli is doing well. I see the Endo also for my thyroid, but most if the folks in the waiting room with me are diabetics. I like D.O.'s, but man, they are getting more and more rare. I think no one knows better than us, that yes, doctors, while I respect mine, I know they are human too. Thanks for this post and you and your family have a great year ahead. Love, Marcia. PS: I'm glad you didn't listen to everything they told you because you would not be who you are today if you had. I think most things we have to learn on our own; "...fall 7 times; stand up 8".
Actually my endocrinologist is in the same office as the one whom my wife sees. It's a family affair on both sides. I'm so glad I went to see an endocrinologist. In 10 minutes the guy found the "nodules" on my thyroid.
Thus my definition of a professional: Someone who makes it look easy.
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