The Voice...and scanxiety

Had my 5 year scan.  That means thyrogen shots, I-131 tracer dosage, colonoscopy grade cleansing (magnesium citrate "the gift that keeps on giving"), and then the scan.

Even though the "gamma camera" is nothing more than laying under a big flat plate that moves slooooooooooooooowly, just the thought of it brought scanxiety. 

Even though my type of cancer is statistically very non-aggressive, I still worried.
Silly me.  I thought I learned many years ago that no matter your burden, you need not look very far to see someone whose burden is much heavier.

I still thank my heavenly father that my scan was clean.  All that business just brings back memories, uncertainty, fear.  It's hard not to worry when you've won the cancer lottery once.

The oncologist was very encouraging....about the treatment...and about the future.  So that was comforting.

I'm still not sure that my thyroid cancer isn't a result of being downwind of all the nuclear tests in the 50's and 60' being in the birthplace of much of the nuclear material.

Cleanup is constant in this area.

I did want to describe some of my lingering "side effects". 
Not because they're so terrible or I need encouragement, but because sharing information is important.  That's why I came here in the first place.

A lot of things I could whine about are just old age... plus more than a little wear and tear.

I have dry mouth....probably from the initial I-131 dose administered for post surgical ablation.
I can taste things...but probably not very subtle things.

My voice is a bit raspy.  No worries,  I never had a great voice. 
When I tried out for the choir as a child, I got about 1.5 notes out and the director said "Next!".
Now it actually hurts to sing...again no big loss there.  Kind of like straining a muscle.
My voice is not very strong and doesn't have the stamina anymore.
It's OK and I think the surgeon did a great job, but not having that mass around the trachea to stabilize the area and dampen vibrations creates the condition (IMO).

I had to sing the Brylcream ad for someone today...but did so softly.

I have some occasional heart palpitations...etc...much to be expected I suppose.

I know these are minor things compared to many, but am sharing for others who might be newly diagnosed etc.

So... A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust, and a hearty "Hi-yo, Silver, away!"

My prayers and thoughts are with you all.


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Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
Pen, Pen sent you a prayer.
Laurie sent you a hug.
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Sending you a hug Sterling...and I want to read this again and again and then comment in more detail. What a fine post...thank you!!!
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the lone ranger rides, ha...I haven't heard that in a while....a little dab 'll do ya....glad your results were good....that choir director made a mistake.....that's all I have to say...he just did not know talent...even if it was dormant, waiting for the opportunity to be developed and given a chance...well, my friend...I do not care if your voice is are welcome to my choir, quartet, quintet, septet, or octet, nontet, or adfinitim tet..any time, any day, any volume, sing softly so you do not hurt your voice, pianissimo....but sing if you is good for the soul...hum if you cannot sing....or imagine you are singing if even humming hurts... music heals and nourishes... hugs to you, my silver haired brother...stay well and have a peaceful, grace-ful holiday
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Thanks for the vote of confidence in my singing ability Neal, but I think my childhood choir director's ear was good .
I do try to sing...I just have to sing a softly and force less from the throat.
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Dear Sterling, just to say again what a lovely post. You and I share one thing...I could earn my living trying to sing and collecting the money people would pay me to stop! And yes, lots of complaints about old age, except that I prefer it so far to the alternative. I am grateful to be able to travel, walk on my own (so many people younger than I am with canes, walkers, wheelchairs...) and enjoy each day. Each day, the only one I know I is a gift, that's why we call it the present! Hugs.
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Well said Helen. I know what gifts I have been given. Singing was never among them .
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So happy that your scan brought good news, and yes, it's a good thing to share the after-affects so that others know they are not alone. Now, go lightly sing some Christmas carols! :)
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I just looked at your blog and this last post. I thank you for sharing lots of good information about thyroid cancer. My husband has a nodule on his thyroid and has been monitored for a few years now. An upcoming US will hopefully show no change. I hope you are doing well. May God bless!
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There are several variants of Thyroid cancer. Some are very aggressive and lethal. The most common ("Papillary") is usually very slow. So the "wait and see" is not terrible. Also depends on (IMO) size. Also, the history of it, how old you are, how you feel, etc. The risk is waiting and finding out it has spread to lymph nodes...or even if it doesn't it can grow to cause other issues (breathing, eating, etc). If he hasn't seen and endocrinologist, he should. I wouldn't trust most GPs (at least mine) as far as I could throw em.
Thank you for that information. Fortunately, he has been seeing an endrocrinologist since this all began and he's being closely monitored.
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