Synthroid side effects?

I guess we all are aware of the side effects.

Recently I have had some restless nights.  They come and go.  I am wondering if being on synthroid has anything to do with it or if I just have some stomach issue....or if it's a bit of both.

In a way it feels stomach related...usually occurs at night. Any time ...from when I lie down to the middle of the night.  If I get something similar during the day, I can usually cope....because it doesn't stop me.  However, when it occurs at night, I can't rest.   Chief among the symptoms are flushing and then heart palpitations.  My TSH is .27 or so and has been.  I usually do have some stomach related symptoms going on when this happens ....but not sure that is cause or effect.

Anybody develop tachycardia after being on synthroid?

Has your dosage remained constant...or have you had to reduce?

Summer is kind of hard to take...and I've gotten used to that a bit.  But when I get flushing etc at night it stops me from getting good rest.

Sometimes in the dead of winter it almost feels like I am a bit  low...or could be higher.
But in the summer, I always feel that I am hyper-thyroid.n

Prayers appreciated.... not that this is terrible....but not getting sleep is.

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Sterling, I have not had thyroid cancer and am not on thyroid medication, so I can answer any of your questions. I'm sorry you are having these side effects though. Perhaps a call to your doctor would be a good idea. Going without sleep is not good for one's health. I hope you can get some answers. Take care.
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Hi Sterling! That rapid heart beat does sound like hyperthyroidism. When did you last have your Synthroid adjusted? Or some kind of food allergy? I think after being on Rx's for so long, it starts to cause other things, more like sensitivities to foods, skin problems from laundry detergents.....even how we react to the sun and barometric pressure.
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Second what Smurf says about sleep. Am finishing a very important book, Why We Sleep (by Matthew Walker) which reports extensive medical/scientific evidence that inadequate good sleep has numerous health effects beyond simple fatigue, and in particular stresses that we know that we need eight hours of sleep (and this does not change with age). You do need a consult with your doctor.

I know you are quite astute. So no mean I do not mean to insult you but on the 1st page of info on Synthroid it list most of your symptoms... so I strongly agree with the doctor consult recommendation until you get a satisfactory answer... And the tachycardia is listed as an issue to consult your doctor. Anyway I would be interested in knowing if you get some relief and how that comes about. Hope you figure something out so that you can get a better night's sleep. I sure know about goodnites vs not good night's sleep
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Many thanks all.

I feel so bad complaining.

The problem is...I'm not sure what is what.

Is it me getting too hyper? Is it really my heart? Is it something stomach related? Yes, I'm calling my internist. He might not be able to fix it..but he should be able to point me in the right direction.
Hi Sterling,
I’ve had a thyroid condition since I was a baby and it was removed when I was about 35.
From your symptoms I would say that your thyroid is over active right now.
I too have been having adjustment problems since the cancer. One minute my heart feels like it’s coming out my chest, shaking,can’t sit still,can’t sleep,sweating,biting everyone’s head off,it’s awful.
When it’s low all you can do is sleep too tired to do much.
Before my thyroid was removed it was high one week,low the next. After removal it took a while for them to adjust it. And things were pretty good until this cancer and weight loss.
My pcp has been trying to adjust it but when it got so low that my body oragans were shutting down I felt it is time to see the specialist.
As we speak I am going to a ENDOCRINOLOGIST on Monday because I know when it’s time to see a specialist and let my pcp be a pcp. It’s been really out of wake.
With this condition you have to have regular blood test to see where your numbers are.
This organ controls everything in your body. Weight,mood,sleep,perspiration, everything.
One of the side effects of a overactive thyroid that I hate is the mood swings.
I know what your going through and how you feel. I pray for you and hope you can get your thyroid where it needs to be.
Much Love, 💕
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If you are having a really hard time especially with heart palpitation go to the emergency room NOW. This is nothing to play with.
First, you have had a lifetime of this "stuff"... I have only had 8 years.
Second, you only know that the thyroid controls everything after you lose it.
The only time I've been really low is right after they took my thyroid out and gave me the I-131 treatment. The biggest thing I remember about that was being constipated...and feeling like I was stoned...I couldn't hardly think.
I was lucky enough to have an Endocrinologist. He detected the growth when my Internist didn't.

Anyway, I am convinced that I am hyperthyroid now.
I knew the side effects... and I tolerated them for the most part because for the most part I felt "OK".
I always thought that when I got to the right level I would stay "OK"... but apparently "the right level" isn't always a constant.

Another surprise is what it does to my stomach... If that's connected. I have been woken up the middle of night ... my stomach is obviously working overtime...then I have a BM (sorry for the TMI).

Does it cause problems with your stomach?
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