Do you take Synthroid?

I think my TSH was a bit low (hyper... i.e. high T4 and T3) early this summer. 
Then this summer I developed some stomach issues ... and then I lost 20 lbs (not by choice).

I reduced my Synthroid to help (with Doctor agreement).  He had me cutting pills ...and I really don't think that works very well. 
The more pill splitting you do the less accurate it gets (in my opinion).

So now  my TSH is a bit high (hypo) even with my lower weight...but since my weight has changed, I'm trying to get to a dosage that works with my new weight, with the minimum amount of pill cutting.

I have several questions for the folks who take Synthroid/Levothyroxine.

  1. Do you take the generic levothyroxine, or do you take  the brand name "Synthroid"or "Levoxyl"....and have you ever been switched?
  2. Do you have to cut pills?
  3. Have you been hypothyroid?  What did it make you feel like?

For me, I primarily feel it mentally...kind of like being under the influence ("spacey"). 
However, I'm wondering if being hypothyroid can cause some heart fluctuations... or might cause sleep issues.

I think we've all felt the sweating / heart racing of being hyperthyroid... and sometimes that comes just normally on Synthroid/ Levothyroxine.

HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR PILLS  has information on most drugs and images that let you identify the pills.  

Wow... I did not realize how many different manufacturers make levothyroxine:  


The way that I read the drug information sheet is that the normal dosage for a normal adult for thyroid  hormone replacement is:

                          1.7 mcg  X   Your weight in Kilograms            


                          0.77mcg  X  Your weight in Lbs

Of course that is a "normal" "your mileage may vary".


I'm still getting over the stomach issues, but I know if my synthroid level is not right, I won't feel right.  So I'm trying to get that straightened out.  Also have some stress... nothing terrible, but enough.

After I get the synthroid right,  I can address other things.

Any comments appreciated.

Hope everyone is well.


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I am not sure what makes me feel the way I do . I take so many pills, plus my life has alot of downs. I take levothyroxine and i was told i had to take a half a pill more every week so i have to split one and i do that every Tuesday. I have to take raberazole or my stomach would be so terrible I wouldn't be able to deal with it. I take 20 mg of that. I have always been on the same meds since the throat cancer. I am so terrible with math I have no idea how to figure that out... I will be praying you figure this out.. all i know is that I fight being depressed.. when i wake up i feel it and i know i am lacking something because i am feeling depressed before i can even think why i am depressed.. you know what i mean? I know getting a blood test tells where your at.. right?
Good to hear from you Sabina.
If you're not feeling well talk to your doctors...maybe a good internist to play "traffic cop" for all your other doctors.

The blood tests do tell the story...especially if you are way off track.
I would go more by what I feel...and usually the blood tests sort of confirm it. I've started tracking my test results. Then I can kind of look back and say "this is when this change was made"... and this was my level back when I was taking this much.

This is kind of a natural time of year to feel the shorter days. So it's easier to feel depressed or anxious. Try to find a doctor who will listen to you and take a look at ALL the meds you are taking.

Getting old takes its toll on us we don't feel like we used to.

Try to find something you enjoy... Sometimes I end up keeping myself busy with little things to distract myself. It works for me most times. If you can find some things you really enjoy ...even better.
Try to get some exercise...even just a little walking.

But please be your own advocate and tell the doctor(s) how you feel.

Everybody here loves you Sabina and wishes you nothing less than peace, happiness, and health.
Hi Sterling, I take Synthroid. I was started on generic, went from that to Armour because I needed/wanted the T3 replacement. Several years later I was needing the dose changed - which is very limited so I agreed to go back on generic synthroid and Liothyronine (generic Cytomel) so that the Liothyronine dose could be increased. A year ago I changed endocrinologists, the new endo will not prescribe anything but name brand Synthroid. (PERIOD). I was "allowed" to keep taking my T3 replacement and I'm due to go back in next month for my yearly checkup.

On only T4 replacement all of my lab work showed that I was hyper but I felt like a slug. NO energy, bad nails, hair falling out, etc. By reducing the amount of T4 and including T3 it made the labs on paper look better and I too felt better.

I never had to cut my pills, everything I've read and been told that can really mess with the dosage.

Take care - Kathy
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Thanks Kathy. I do remember seeing something from you on Armour.
I heard you can't get Armour ...unless a pharmacy "compounds" it?

There are a lot of doctors out there who are "Synthroid brand only"... and most of them also insist on no Armour/Cytomel.
That's my doctor as well.

I think if I get my level right ...I'll be OK.

Pill cutting is what I think is preventing me from getting there now. I just don't believe the manufacturing is that well controlled to allow accurate dosage based on pill cutting.

I generally feel like my labs indicate. I think my endocrinologist likes to keep cancer patients at a very low TSH (i.e. on the hyper side) but sometimes that gets to me.

Generally, being hyper is hardest to take in the Summer.

Well hope you are OK. Glad your new doc let you keep your cytomel.
When I was taking Armour I had no problem getting my prescription filled and I made sure that my pharmacy knew to tell me anytime that they had to get it from a different supplier. (That only happened once) So it was as controlled as it possibly could have been.

I think the other thing to consider is that over time - because our bodies change the dose needs to be adjusted for that too, since aging isn't for sissies!
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Hello Sterling,
We spoke about this a little time ago.
I’ve been on synthroid,the brand name for about 33 years now since my thyroid was removed. Over the years I’ve gone from hyper to hypo. I think it all depends on your weight. With that being said if your hypo they increase the dose,which can make you hyper and vice a verse. My weight goes up and down. Yes this condition can have you pulling your hair out. The thyroid controls so much in your body.
When I first started on synthroid I was a nervous wreck. I told the doctors that I couldn’t take it- I would shake and feel like I was having a nervous breakdown. They would tell me I had to because my thyroid was fighting itself. They removed it and they said either I take synthroid or my body would shutdown. It was hell as they adjusted the medication. At one time I was put on something to calm me down.
I was pretty much on key and then for whatever reason the doctor told me to cut the 100mg in half. Two months latter she call and asked me why I wasn’t taking the synthroid.
I told her I was taking half as she said,she said she had no written record of her telling me to take half and according to my blood test my body was shutting down. I told her that a few specialists were concerned about my kidneys only operating at 30 percent and my liver. She said if I didn’t get enough synthroid in me that everything was shutting down. I couldn’t believe she said she had no record of her telling me to take half. However I still had the pill bottle saying 50 I made a appointment with the specialist so
He said take 100mg a day except on Sunday, take 50mg.
You can guess what this is doing to my body by now. I say to myself wow I’m beating the cancer but this damn thyroid going kill me.
Know this thyroid controls everything in your body and it’s hell trying to get it right. I wish I knew the answer. For now I’m going to listen to the specialist and I’ll let you know how it works out.
Also a few years back I received a letter telling me that I would be getting money because the company that makes synthroid erred saying I must take only synthroid brand because I started on it. I can’t remember how much I received but bet it didn’t make me rich.
Much love,
Pen 💕
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I take Levothyroxine 50 micrograins per day. I developed hypo from chemo in 1991-92 and went on Levoxyl from 1994 until.....think it was 2013. There was as some kind of story about mold "at the Levoxyl factory" so they switched me to levothyroxine and I never skipped a beat, it was as if it was the very same Rx. My family doctor back in 1994 referred me to an endo because he claimed your could still have normal tsh bloodwork, yet thyroid could still be off-kilter. And certainly only an endo would know. I've been fortunate in that this dose has always been okay. But I know one thing for sure, and I know I'm preaching to the choir with you Sterling, when your thyroid is off kilter, LOOK OUT! Up is down....down is up.....pfffft. Then you get the right dose and a day later, the universe is good again.
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Hi Sterling. I have only been on Synthroid for almost 3 months and I’m not sure if I am still in recovery mode from total thyroidectomy, or something else. I have noticed I now breathe through my mouth when sleeping and have severe dry mouth. I did not sleep with my mouth open before. Any insight?
Probably everyone who has had I-131 (Iodine isotope) ablation of the thyroid ..or remaining thyroid tissue ...has dry mouth. I-131 also damages Salivary glands. Ask your Oncologist or Endocrinologist.

Regarding sleeping with your mouth open...I'm not sure... I'd talk to your doctors.

I-131 notice after treatment
Thanks, I will ask about the dry mouth. I haven’t had ablation yet. Still waiting for ultrasound follow up results.
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