Two articles on Synthroid/Levothyroxine

Here are two articles that I ran across while doing some searching.

This first one is very good, with good general information and a lot of common sense advice

Brand Name vs. Generic Levothyroxine: What is the Difference?

This next one explains why a lot of endocrinologists specify brand name Levothyroxine:

Branded Levothyroxine Bests Generic for Hypothyroidism

My endocrinologist is not going to be happy that his nurse called in the generic...but I'll try it.  I see him in about 3 weeks.


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I didn't read the above yet, but I will after this post. I think you mentioned the dose has to be right on, and you're absolutely right. A pharmacist once told me that with generics there's a chance the dosage may be off by a couple of mgs. So cutting them, I would think, is not best. I cut a blood pressure pill, I take half a 25 mg of Toprol (down from 200 mgs daily 10 years ago- yay!!). But I was told that cutting those is no big deal. Thanks for article. I'm always feeling the front of my neck since HNC radiation puts you at risk for thyroid ca.
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I've had poor experience with Levothyroxine. When lived NY, had no problem with it, moved to Florida and had to switch to Synthroid after having 3 severe episodes that sent me to ER.
After researching, believe it's the..Filler they use that causes the problem. Pharmacist told me if I could find out what they used in NY they could help me. That convinced me to switch to the non generic Synthroid Only. Costs somewhat more, but no more episodes!
You are not alone Cheryl!
I think that's why a lot of Doctors stick with the Synthroid brand, because there is so much variation in the others.
Check out my previous post:
Do you take Synthroid
See the section about "HOW TO IDENTIFY YOUR PILLS".
You can probably figure out the type/manufacturer using that.

You have to be'd think a drug is a drug.
Not sure where you got the info on dosing. I did the math and it says I should take 111mcg. I take 88mcg, had been on 100mcg for awhile, felt like too much symptomwise. Feel much better. I've always gone by symptoms and it works for me. Your weight loss would suggest Hyper, not Hypo. And I would not cut a Long Acting pill which both Levo and Synthroid is. I also won't take a chance with Levo again.
Yes, I believe I was hyper-thyroid. However after cutting my Synthroid, I believe I eventually was hypo. I am now in-between at 175 mcg, which has been working for me. I think many people experience the side affects and prefer lower dosages than the recommended (which comes from the Synthroid literature published by the manufacturer. Like all such information "Your mileage may vary".
I believe Doctors like to keep your TSH very low if you have had thyroid cancer like me. So they would probably look for different levels in someone who is just a little hypo-thyroid and doesn't have cancer.
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