Fascinating reading on gene editing

I was in the doctor's office...this time not for me!  They had a copy of the magazine "Wired", March issue.

Several very interesting articles that I think many; of us can understand:

The WIRED Guide to Crispr

A Clever New Strategy for Treating Cancer, Thanks to Darwin

I really believe the future of treatment of most any disease is through genetics.

I'm not saying there are any silver bullets out there yet, but there is promise.  It is a rapidly expanding study.

You might find the articles interesting no matter what your situation.

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Susan J threw a punch at your cancer.
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Thank you! Sounds like a really good article, and I will definitely check it out.
They are very readable and not full of much technical mumbo jumbo.
I heard a lot about CRISPR ... and did not know what it was about.
This won't make you an expert but does explain some key characteristics.
I thought CRISPR was how I like bacon :)
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Long piece about the Darwin strategy, and not really easy reading, but very interesting indeed. The CRISPR material is also impressive...I only wish I thought we were capable of using it in only benign ways....THANKS
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Yes, even if someone is well intentioned.
I like Wired, I just subscribed through Amazon Prime. I agree with you on genetics. Joe and I are both in that genome project whereby whenever you have bloodwork, they take an extra tube for testing. They needed 1000 people for it and to be honest, I think they had trouble reaching that goal (people in my neck of the woods are born suspicious, lol). But I was happy to be part of it.
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Cool. Nobody ever asked me to participate. Are they still doing it?
Or was that just for the "Genome Mapping" project.

I wish I had more time and/or aptitude to study it.
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I think they are. You could ask one of your doctors. They like getting people with a "history", it seems the more complex medical history, the better.
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