Password Managers

The days of writing down passwords or keeping them in a spreadsheet have passed.  Most people have too many different passwords.  Many sites have different rules.  The rules force you to have unique user names and  passwords (not that this is a bad idea).

Here's an article to help you learn about password managers:

Why You Should Use a Password Manager, and How to Get Started

Here's a comparison of password managers:

Password Managers Compared: LastPass vs KeePass vs Dashlane vs 1Password

I use KeePass .  The one article says there are no mobile versions, but that's not quite true as you can see if you visit their site:
There's no reason why you can't keep the database on multiple devices.   I like it because it's free, it doesn't store passwords on the internet, and the database is encrypted

I make sure I store a backup copy of the database.  I also can make a copy for my wife

You can read the articles and make up your mind.  Start with using a password manager to remember a few of your passwords. 
That way you don't have too much time invested if you decide you don't care for it.  Once you find one you like, you can always add the rest of your passwords.

Any questions, just ask.

Blessings to all

Hope this helps !


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Hi Sterling. Thanks for this information. Yes, all these passwords are crazy. I do have a password book where I keep them A to Z but BFAC was not in there. This happened because I locked myself out by clicking on something in error. I was able to read posts but didn't know who wrote them, just said "private user". How about those Blues?!!! Thank God they won that cup or I'd be living with a bear, lol.
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Yes, the Blues win was very special. Not only a long time coming, but they went from "worst to first" in 6 months. They worked so hard and were so persistent. I don't think they got all the credit they deserved. Quite a party here in you probably heard.
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Yes. We even watched the parade this past week. One of those last games, second or third from last, I think, they DID get robbed, when they weren't given a reason why they got that bad call. But, it all for naught anyway since they won. They were selling autographed pucks on Amazon for $125.00!
Great info and advice. Thank you
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Thanks for taking the time to help bring some of us into the 21st century. It’s all a bit too much sometimes!
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It can seem "daunting". Just take your time and sort through the choices. Try not to get too wrapped up in it. Just choose one. Set up a "few" of your passwords on it and see how you like it.
Part of the choice might be what is available on the device that you use.
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