Papillary Thyroid Cancer

"Good cancer" my ... foot !

Found a good article.   Seems a bit long, but easy enough to understand and it does address a lot of the issues and treatments.

Since the end of October is my "cancerversary", that's when I usually get bloodwork and any scans. 

This year I went in for my bloodwork and got a call back from my endocrinologist's office saying "The doctor wants to talk to you".  Of course the nurse can't tell you what it's about.  So apparently, my TSH was almost 13.  However, I felt fine. 

In the past when my TSH was even in the 4-5 range I've felt off (kind of like you're drugged ...sort of not all there).

So I don't know what the story is but the doc wants me to increase my Synthroid and get an ultrasound of the base of my neck.  It's sort of hard for me to believe that my TSH got that high without me feeling it.  I think it hit 15 or something like that when they removed my thyroid and gave me I-131 ablation.

I guess better safe than sorry.  I am a little apprehensive about increasing my synthroid because in the past I've had palpitations and flushing when I was on higher doses.  If an increase is gonna happen, best to happen as we're going into colder weather.

Seems a bit strange after 7 years.  It might be possible that being so "hypothyroid" snuck up on me, so I didn't feel it.  However, TSH over 12 just seems hard to believe.

I guess we shall see. 

I'll post an update when I find out what's what. 

Best to all


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Could it be lab error? I had a similar experience with a cholesterol reading that was completely 180º out from 30 years of earlier tests...getting a new reading now to find out if it is a real result or some kind of goof. Sending you hugs and hope you can resolve some of your concerns with the doc...
Yes Helen, and it's happened to me before too. This seems "way" off. But I'm just gonna see where this takes me. My eye is on how I feel as much as the lab results. They do like to keep the TSH extremely low. We'll see how this turns out.
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Very possibly a false positive so to speak. I would want a second lab test before changing med.
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Ditto. Hope it's a lab error. Digits crossed for an upbeat update.
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Let us know the update. Curious.....
Ultrasound next Tuesday....but next bloodwork in 4 weeks.
Could be error, they should run those labs again especially since it is so high. I agree with you, definitely NOT a good cancer. The thyroid is do dayum important, probably the most out of all the glands, and complicated too. My PCP sent me to an Endo years ago because he didn't feel comfortable treating anyone for hypo and actually said as much. I know you've been feeling out of sorts for a long time now, though. Yeah, let us know when you come back from appt. Take care in the meantime.
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