Stomach issues

i've been having problems with my stomach. And I thought I'd ask what you all do.

I don't think it is related to Synthroid but I'm not 100% sure.
I have some upset / cramping... but also some flushing, which is most upsetting.
What do you do?    Do you have some "go to" cures?   Maybe over the counter meds
I will soon have my annual oncologist visit.  I do not believe I will have a big scan this year, which is OK with me.
probably next month.
Bessings to all.




Stephen sent you a hug.
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This is just a thought....if you got the covid could be something related to that. You never know. I’ve heard of folks having some odd symptoms and then they disappear. I’m going to google, maybe there’s something on line with people’s side effects, especially since you have ET. 🙏🏻
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I’ve been vaccinated since March. Didn’t have to force me.

I thought about Covid, but no other symptoms.

I have a feeling this is just me and my stomach. Have to really watch myself and not eat everything I see.

The ET is always on my mind, but thank God mine is still mild. I have found a Neurologist. My concern is making sure it isn’t something else or doesn’t become something else.
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Yes, me too. I got the booster too 👍🏻. Gall bladder trouble is another thought that comes to mind. Joe worries about the ET becoming something else too, but everything indicates it’s isolated but we always pray to be sure too. 👍🏻😘. PS: he stayed up for 4 hours watching that last Cardinals game, said it was a waste of 4 hours.😞
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I’ve had gall bladder issues… had my gall bladder out two years ago.
Now I think this is a result.. my stomach just requires more care… and patience.
Cards were a disappointment, but as good as they could be, I don’t think they would have made it much further. Our division is weak, so all the recent wins didn’t mean as much as they might.
I'm sorry you're having issues and that I am of no help. I hope it's nothing serious.
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Thanks Smurf. I don’t think it’s major… just aggravating.
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Hope you get some help from fellow patients…don’t have personal experience with Synthroid…but I will say that various after or side effects from the treatment I went through are with me, off and on, eleven years out now..
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Thanks Helen
I truly can’t imagine what you went through.
Stomach issues are miserable.
I guess there’s no substitute for taking it easy and watching what you eat.
And being patient !
Just keep trying to remember this how I got to keep living…each of us has her/his individual and unknowable struggle…again hope you get helpful hints and just hang in there One Day at a Time
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Hi Sterling, your Cardinals gave my Tigers enough trouble 15 years ago. It's an usual year when the Mud Hens play longer in the season than the Tigers do. Back to your question: do they suggest you eat something with the Synthroid tablets? I know for me, even taking an ibuprofen, I have to at least eat a half a slice of bread or a handful of cereal, so that it's not on a completely empty stomach. Makes a good big difference for me, hope it will for you too. MGBY,
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