What a long strange trip it's been (10 Year scan)

Well, 10 years have passed and I'm praying this is the last scan.  I am not quite sure why they wanted to follow me for so long after such aggressive treatment for papillary thyroid cancer (Surgical removal, followed by I-131 ablation).

Went through a week of the low iodine diet (almost can't eat anything).  Then had to do the bowel prep.  Had the I-131 whole body scan today and my gut still isn't back to normal.  Got to say the folks at the hospital nuclear medicine department were exceptionally nice.  No procedure would be complete without a blood test.

The tracer dose of I-131 that they gave me was brought out in a metal casket.  Always reminds me of the TV series "24"

Kiefer Sutherland screams "WHERE'S THE BOMB??"

No results yet, but I have an appointment with the oncologist on Friday.

I should not complain compared to what everyone on here has gone through, but it's all been a bit tiring and exasperating.

I'll update when I hear something.    I now interrupt this report for a nap . . . .

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Sending good vibes and prayers that you will get the all clear, Sterling! I hope you enjoyed the nap!
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Thanks kiddo. I did! That prep (or maybe the I-131) really messed up my stomach.
I guess I should have said that even though the scan was nothing ...other than being long, we all know scans beget "scanxiety".
Thanks for the shout-out.
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Gerry Garcia thanks you for remembering him 😇. Wow, 10 years is a big milestone. Only thing I can think of is that your doctor is very attentive which is a good thing. Maybe they’ll spring you after this but continue to monitor your stomach issues. Is it IBS or gastroparesis? I go to endocrinologist only once per year now. My oncologist warned that my thyroid was like a sponge with the oral radiation I had. But it’s not scan, just bloodwork and physical palpitation. I hope all tests turn out 👍🏻. 😘
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I think they like to have good 10-year success stories to reassure their new patients, and you are doing that by your special nuke that loaded you up with. Hope you feel better soon. Sounds like time to eat a lot a stupid yogurt and toast. Praying that you feel decent again real soon!
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Took a couple of days but my stomach is back.
Thanks John.
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