Thank you heavenly father

I-131 Whole Body Scan came back clean.  

They did say they want to continue with blood work to monitor for thyroglobulin.

So please share in my joy with being cancer free for 10 years.

Thank you

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Helen Marshall, Neal sent you a hug.
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fantastic news!
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And thank you Jill for providing this place of support!
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That’s great news, my friend, Happy Ten Years Cancer-Free! 🙏🏻👍🏻😘. Yes, thank you Father🙏🏻.
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That is great news, Sterling! I am jumping for joy for you!
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Vital Info


November 12, 2012


Cancer Info

Thyroid Cancer

October 31, 2012

Stage 1



No energy.

Learning to be patient.

Mostly hypothyroid type symptoms.


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